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Weekly Thought:

The healer is a person who wants to be happy, healthy, and loving and works actively towards that goal. The healer knows that the extent to which s/he is healthy and loving is the limit of his or her beneficial effect on others.

-Warren Grossman PhD
                     Divine Roots Wellness * Seattle, WA * 206-395-8804
What's NEW at DRW:
 DRW is becoming an organization and so much more. 
A lot is changing so come back soon to visit.
  • Ellen is accepting new clients at 5Focus in South Lake Union.  

I try my best to create a safe space for healing through compassionate listening and being full, open, clear, and strong-hearted. I believe education is empowerment and compassion promotes healing. I provide resources & tools for your healing journey, as well as encouragement to support and uplift you along the way. I have walked this path before and am able to assist you on yours. I have many fun ways to help that aren't adding to your already busy life.  
Divine Roots Wellness- Bringing Heart and Passion to the Healing.

Mission: To create an educational, collaborative, safe healing space that supports and empowers all who come, as well as the community and ecosystem where it resides. To be a compassionate and insightful guide on the path of one's healing journey. To connect and collaborate with people, creatures, and the land. To give back in honor and respect for all creations of the Spirit, the Divine.

Vision: I envision a world where people and creatures feel safe and able to let their lights shine. I envision a world with more mutually beneficial relationships and where communities thrive and heal together.

Ellen Z. Sims, LMP, CCST

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Hi! I've been thinking a lot about leadership and how I would really love it if leaders were totally transparent, even when 'shit ain't pretty'. Seriously though, imagine that for a minute. Sounds kinda scary and, well, comforting. Not everyone needs to know everything about each other, but what ever it is the person is leading, I think all questions of that realm should be fair game and the leader would be honest AND vulnerable. I would feel I could TRUST that person to lead me. 
Then I thought, "Am I honest, vulnerable,and transparent?"
Hhmm...I believe so, but, let's put it to the test. Ask me a question, any question about health and spirituality and I'll tell you what I know/think/believe.
Wow. Now I'm feeling vulnerable...but willing to step up to the plate. This is a sure fire way to get to know some one.