We are passionate about being of service to people and businesses who have respect for their employees, their community, and the earth.
— Divine Roots Wellness

    WHAT:                                                                                WHO:

Consultants                                                                             B-Corps

                                      Wellness Advisors & Educators                                               Companies who Care or trying to become a B-Corp

                                                               Spiritual Guide & Visionary                                                  Leaders &/or Individuals who want to grow                                                                    

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"Health is about caring for ourselves as well as the ecosystems 

we live & play in. They go hand in hand."


Life is what you make it and sometimes it can be hard to make it healthy and positive. Guidance is helpful if you are open to assistance. At Divine Roots Wellness we offer a range of services to assist you & your company in making life  and work one that is healthy, successful, beautiful, and rewarding. We do not judge, we listen. We do not critique, we ask questions. We offer guidance and exploration in a number to ways to shine a light on what has heart and meaning for you, your employees...even if you can't see it yet. We believe trust is important for creating a field of safety, integrity is vital, and education is lasting.