What DRW Clients Are Saying


Vale, CO

"Hi Ellen! Thank you so much again for this amazing ceremony... it is almost freaking me out how different I feel after we did this (more calm, collected, healthily detached, more in my own skin). The ceremony itself was emotionally painful and kind of scary for me but the Universe obviously sent it to me for a reason. It's already opened doors to wonderful things. It was an added joy for sure to interact with you live! I didn't mention it but I chose to do the ceremony in the room I call my Zen Corner, which is eclectic and quirky and very much me. It's where I write and compose songs on the piano and it is cool you got to see it! I didn't even have to think about where to do it, that room is all me :) Also thank you so much for all the good reference material and wisdom for the ceremony aftercare and talking with spirit guides. I have been referencing it daily. I am so excited to see what comes of all this!!"


Fly Instructor, Triathlete, Mother, Seattle WA

I highly recommend seeing Ellen for a massage therapy session! She is so knowledgeable, easy going and takes the time to get to know every client individually. At my first session, we sat down and talked about my background and my goals with massage therapy. Having suffered from frequent migraines over the years, Ellen suggested doing craniosacral therapy specifically – and I completely noticed a difference after just one session. As a fitness instructor and regularly active person, Ellen has also helped to point out and alleviate any stress and muscle tension, and we’ve even done some energy/chakra work. i have already recommended all of my coworkers and friends to Ellen (they all come back with raving reviews as well)! 

Medical Coder & Educator, Seattle WA

I was referred to Ellen Sims for relief of muscle tension in the neck and back. Like many people, my work keeps me stationery at a desk for much of the day and the lack of movement and activity takes a toll on the body. Without question, Ellen is wonderfully skilled at massage and craniosacral therapy. Because of her treatments I experience less pain and discomfort during the day. More importantly, Ellen has taught me that bodywork is more than just a physical treatment. Ellen truly cares about each individual. Her balanced perspective and insightful nature shows she is truly beyond her years! As a healthcare professional myself, I am totally in awe of her dedication to her profession as an educator and healer.

Firefighter, Seattle WA

I thought I knew what to expect from a “massage”. The experience was subtle to begin but after some minutes, parts of my skeleton seemed to fall into a natural alignment. Ellen is a patient, instinctual and competent provider who listens very well.

Entrepreneur & Mother, Seattle WA

The best experience ever! Ellen literally changed my life! I suffered from 5-6 debilitating migraines a month. Haven’t had one once since the second treatment with Ellen. It’s been 6 months. She specializes in craniosacral therapy and is amazing!

Librarian & Baker, Seattle WA

Ellen is magic. I had a car wreck in October – I was t-boned in an intersection by someone who wasn’t paying attention and ran the red light. I was in constant pain. Although it’s been a road to recovery, Ellen has been paramount to my healing. Her intuition and skill for finding exactly where to work to not only relieve the pain but help the area heal is incredible. We have worked together to heal things from my past that were hindering my recovery too. Her patient, calm, healing energy has also been a gift to me. I’m not sure how I would have made it through this ordeal without her. I’ve been giving her card to everyone who mentions they need a massage. I have seen many massage therapists in my life and Ellen is truly one of the best, if not the best. Be kind to yourself and go see her.