we Love What we do & it's Why we do it


We are: Consultants, Visionaries, & Wellness Educators that Help companies who 

  • Are focused on their mission, not the money
  • Care about and for the growth and health of their employees
  • Care about and respect the environment they live and work in
  • Care about being an integral part of their community.

Is that you? Would you like some support, some fertilizer, sun & water to continue growing and strengthening your business? Give us a call. Let's meet.


Questions are how we learn. Questions are how we become.

Questions are how we learn. Questions are how we become.

                                  GOOD is...

     *The Real Stuff

                                  *Satisfaction Guaranteed

                *Just Right...                     *Harmony


     Be Good to Yourself

     Be Good to your Community

     Be Good to the Earth

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We are passionate about healing, nourishing, and growing. over and over.


The term "wellness" just doesn't do it for us. We believe that word is confining and has be over-used which losses power. We, as business owners, know good & well that that isn't good for anyone's business! No sir. And, there is incentive.

Goodness is what we are all about. We believe there is an inherent basic goodness in all human beings and collaboration is important for community's sake. It's just really hard to see or feel that goodness sometimes. Especially, ...you know...these days. 

We care about benefitting who & what we hold near and dear. For us, that is our friends, family, colleagues, elders, our clients, and all the critters and all the matter. For, what goes around comes around so WE ALSO benefit in so. many. ways.

This is our give back with action for all the love, healing, and nurturing we have experienced in the sounds of a raging river, through the well-maintained running trails in mist and sunrise with the vision of clouds across the mountain tops and through the valleys below.  Or how about the simple rays of sun shining in, on slow, quiet, CALM mornings through a bedroom window...?  And for all the people who we met along the trails, in the parks who stopped and chatted and taught us.

Even in the hectic patterns and stories of life...even with 4 kids running around and wanting your attention after a long, long, day of work...

We know there is a way to experience it. and it makes all the difference in the world.  We come with experiences of seeing a clear path that is do-able. eatable. digestable. and enjoyable.

We care deeply about helping support those doing the honest & brave work in this world and doing that fairly, justly, and with the future and past in mind. Care with Heart. Our gift is our passion and our passion is our work ...(and our play!).


For work: We want to support you, so you can do your own passion for this world. We aren't asking for "better" we are asking for "good" in many areas which add up to the overall vitality.

We support your process by providing guidance & care specially chosen for your individuality, community & culture. We take quality time through our skilled and experienced perspectives, so that we are able to clearly and sysynch (alchemical) way, provide insight, ideas, and creative solutions.

On top of that, or as an added benefit, we are able to provide assistance of educational components in a more...experiential, fun sort of a way. (psst...this engages your employees more which makes work feel like play! and play is healthy!)

For play: meditation, yoga, trail running, camping, climbing, long slow breakfasts with friends with good coffee (and kale), and, yes, celebrating, of course.

We believe in win-wins, solid foundations, clear agreements, honest communication, and that change is good. 

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"I Dare You" from the album 'I See You' ~xx